Why Veterans Should Become Truckers

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After serving the country, it is difficult for the veterans to find a suitable job in the extremely competitive job market. And the job options out there are not so appealing and suitable for someone who has led a disciplined military life. Even if you manage to get a job, the pay is not so enticing. Truck driving on the other hand is one of the best suited career options for veterans and here are the reasons why -

  • Free Truck Driving Training – The Post 9/11 GI Bill for financial assistance of veterans enables eligible veterans to a free truck driving program wherein all the costs incurred for training, exam and housing are fully funded.
  • Ready Job Market – Trucking companies prefer to hire veterans as truckers because of the disciplined life a veteran has led. Veterans have a sense of responsibility towards the job they are doing, and trucking companies hire CDL license holders with these traits.
  • Comfortable Yet Adventurous Job – As a trucker you will be travelling throughout the country in some of the most advanced trucks which are very comfortable. Rules laid out by the DMV will ensure that you are not overworked.
  • Above Average Pay – The Department of Labor puts a trucker’s salary in the above average category. Well known trucking companies also offer the employee benefits like health insurance, 401K and paid holidays. Can you ask for more?

With so many benefits that come with a trucking career for veterans, do you think a veteran should opt for any other career option?

Selecting a proper veteran truck driving school however is vital. The truck driving school you choose should be authorized, should provide you with best training and help you find a job. We will help you in all these regards, all you need to do is call us at 1800-TRUCKER or 1800-887-2537.

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