Enroll in Truck Driver School for Veterans

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Are you aware of the fact that as a veteran you are entitled for truck driving training? The Post 9/11 GI Bill allows you to get quality CDL training! If you are a veteran who has served in any of the armed forces for at least 90 days or for 30-days (in case of honorable discharge) after September 10, 2001 you can be trained for a commercial driver license. Even housing and exam fees will be funded under this financial assistance program for veterans.

Though as a veteran you also have an option to educate yourself further and earn a degree, it will probably be several years before you possibly get a desired job. Possibly, because the current economic conditions have adversely affected the job market and it will take years before things turn back to normal. The choice now is yours: study for years and possibly get a job, or get CDL trained for a really short period and get an above-average paying job.

It is a well-known fact that trucking companies are more than eager to hire veterans with their CDL license. The reason? Veterans are accustomed to a disciplined life, and follow the same approach in any job they undertake. And a trucker needs to be highly disciplined while driving transport trucks to ensure timely and safe delivery of consignments. A veteran can do this all and possibly more. Moreover, veterans are easier to train compared to others. As a truck driver and a veteran, you already have zoom ahead in race to secure job with trucking companies.

As far as getting veteran truck driving training is concerned, you first have to enroll yourself in a well-known truck driving school which will properly train and help you in securing a job. This, however, is difficult as truck driving schools have mushroomed all over the country. We will help you select the best veteran truck driving school for you along with information on securing financial assistance under the Post 9/11 GI Bill. It just takes one call – call us at 1-800-TRUCKER or 1800-878-2537. An adventurous and well-paying job awaits you.

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